Through RDA Coaching I am available for various coach education and club consulting. If this sounds interesting please message us to see how we can help.

I have worked with a lot of coaches I admire for their ambition, abilities and knowledge, but what set them apart from the rest was always their dedication to continuously develop themselves. Once the coach set this standard for the team, they are a lot nearer success.

Coaching can be a very lonely hobby and profession, with long hours and little peer support. Even for coaches who are working in professional environments as part of a coaching staff the focus is often on how the players can improve, rather than how can we (or I) become better.

At Vålerenga I worked with both novice and experienced coaches, as colleagues and coach developer. This experience has made me familiar with current research and tools to apply when working to help coaches develop. Here are some of the things I offer:

  • Coach CPD's, with practical session if appropriate.
  • Coach mentoring. Using video, observation and discussions to help you set clear goals and develop.
  • Coaching staff/group development sessions, using a variety of interventions to help you develop as a staff.

I am an ambassador for the Coaches Voice Academy and use their resources actively to better my understanding and get inspiration. Feel free to ask me about their product, or sign up via this personlised link for a discounted. Use the voucher CVJONAS for 20% discount.

When Teachers stop learning, so do Students.

Jim Knight