From November 2019 I am the UK partner for Be Your Best. Together we will try to develop players with better cognitive skills. This involves scanning habits and ability to process and understand information from their surroundings. The best players in the world are characterised by superior cognitive abilities, this is a tool to develop these efficiently.

In the game the player experiences a match situation (based on any given Champions League match) as a player in their chosen position. After a few seconds the player receives the ball and can make a decision. Finally the player is graded on frequency and quality of scans as well as quality of decision. The coach and player can discuss each situation seen through the eyes of the player as well as from a birds eye perspective after.

The software is designed based on research from Geir Jordet. He is a world leading expert in these areas and have contributed in several research articles as well as to conferences such as these. Here you can see a 24 minute video where he discusses scanning habits of the best players in the world.

UK clubs and players who are interested in the software can contact me on [email protected] for more details.

Following are two testimonials, one from my former club Vålerenga and one from German giant Hoffenheim:

More information about the software can be found on their website: