In recent months I have done a lot of 1-1 sessions with RDA Coaching. This has got me reflecting on the (potential) value of 1-1's like these, therefore I want to share some examples of practices we have some good experience with.

Many of our sessions focus on "Preparing to Outplay" (also known as pre-actions) - this is basically what you do while waiting to receive the ball, in order to be in a good position when you get it. You can read more about the topic here.

Here are some filmed sessions, with the topic above (for more information about each practice visit the Youtube link):

Passbox - Visual searches and cognitive inhibition (making a decision and changing it)

The purpose of the "Passbox" is to introduce different types of visual search behaviour. Initially, searching big with the intention of seeing all potential opportunities, then making a decision based on the perceived best opportunity. After the decision is made the player should perform a smaller search, just before receiving the ball or executing the decision. The purpose of this micro-search is to dobbel check whether that opportunity is still available. If something has changed the player must make a new decision (cognitive inhibition - a trademark of better players).

Lateral Mirrors - Disguised receiving

Full Back Positional practice - example of how to integrate S&C into the practice.

In 1-1 or small group sessions it is difficult to simulate the neuro-muscular load of playing football. To compensate for the lack of play opportunities we integrate some form of strenght, mobility or other isolated physical attribute (based on the player profile/aims). Once we integrate this into the football practice it can also start to "feel" more like the game, due to the load/fatigue. This helps transfer the behaviour from training to game.